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Pigments promising future

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Paint pigment is an essential raw material in the production process, mainly divided into two kinds of inorganic and organic. Inorganic pigments are generally mineral substances, comprising: a titanium dioxide pigment, iron oxide pigments, chromium pigments, titanium-based pigments.

In fact, long before humans began using inorganic coating, the prehistoric era of black smoke, chalk, ocher, iron oxide has been used as a natural pigment. Before 3000 to 2000 BC, had mastered the white lead production methods. BC about 200 years, China will use artificial refining vermilion (HgS) as a pigment. After the foreign scientists also developed a Prussian blue, chrome yellow and other colors. To 1923, the pure titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide) into production, pigment production levels a major step forward. Currently, inorganic pigments chromatography, basically complete.

Pigments situation analysis in the first half 2010

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that as of the first half of 2010, the statistics of the National 289 paint manufacturers, production was 1,065,992 tons, compared with 792,595 tons in the first half of 2009, an increase of 34.5%....

Among them, an increase fastest in Sichuan (statistical number of enterprises 7), pigment production in the first half of 2010 was 135,350 tons, 48,508 tons more than the same period in 2009, an increase of 179%.

Yield is the largest province of Zhejiang Province (statistical number of enterprises 60), pigment production in the first half of 2010 was 176,266 tons, 130,083 tons more than the same period in 2009, an increase of 35.5%, followed by Jiangsu Province, the number of (statistical enterprises 38 ), pigment production in the first half of 2010 was 126,005 tons, an increase of 37.6%.

Thus, we can see that the aftermath of the financial crisis of pigment industry is slowly recovering, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other pigments province, is actively steady return to growth before the financial crisis.

Global titanium dioxide manufacturers have to raise prices

According to Xiao Bian know: in 2009, the National titanium dioxide production reached 1,046,600 tons, a record, a net increase of 259,400 tons over the previous year, an increase of 32.9%. In 2009 production of rutile was 552,500 tons, accounting for 52.8% of total production of titanium dioxide, an increase of 194,000 tons over the previous year, an increase of 54.1%; anatase titanium products for 459,800 tons, accounting for 43.9 titanium dioxide production % increase of 70,131 tons over the previous year, an increase of 18.0%; non-pigment-grade products for 34,273 tons, accounting for 3.3% of the total.

It is understood that the first half of this year, a lot of titanium dioxide manufacturers have announced price increases, such as: Connors, Ventnor, DuPont, Koster and other companies.

DuPont Titanium Technologies Announces since July 1 increase in Europe, Middle East and Africa Ti-Pure hunt chase Juan  Fang Zou scar  enjoin posthumous Gad unadorned rope dry pan-shaped hip poke a tight corner cutting SHE  Cave? € 50 / t, in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa region price $ 150 / t. This price increase is in another previous June 1, 2010 announced price increases after the first increase product sales prices.

Koster global public announcement in June 2010, valid from July 1, 2010, or as contracts allow, it sold in Latin America, all anatase and rutile Tiona titanium dioxide and other products began Koster prices, prices magnitude increase $ 200 per metric ton.

Connors International Limited (KronosWorldwide, Inc.) Announced in 2010 raised its sold in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Turkey all titanium dioxide prices. Is valid from July 1, 2010, or as contracts allow, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Turkey, seeking to recover all Kronos Xu Qiang anti  end? 50 euros.

Well, because titanium dioxide prices frequently rise there?

According to Xiao Bian know: As the global titanium dioxide supply, demand continues to increase, the world's leading manufacturer of titanium dioxide constantly raised prices recently. Headquartered in the United States, for example, Kronos announced that since August 1 to Asia, Latin America, Africa, the price of titanium dioxide price $ 200 / t. Xiao Bian think titanium dioxide prices for two reasons, one is the rapid growth of demand for titanium dioxide; another is rising raw material costs and enhance transportation costs, but also to the titanium dioxide production enterprises tremendous cost pressures, in order to digest it kinds of cost pressures, titanium dioxide business passed to put this kind of pressure paint manufacturers.

Iron industry gradually warmer

According to the China Coating Industry Association data show that the iron oxide-based branch: As the world economy continues to improve, the gradual recovery of the international market demand, strong growth in domestic demand, in 2010 January-June foreign trade growth of iron better than expected. According to customs statistics, import and export value reached $ 218 million, an increase of 74.4% over last year, which imported $ 065 million, an increase of 160%, exports $ 153 million, an increase of 53%.

Iron oxide products are mainly used in the coatings industry and building materials industry, which exports most of the overseas markets in developed regions, demand in Europe and America on the international market rebound iron industry recovery will be a key influence. Zhi-Hua Lin believes that the general trade export iron products in total exports accounted for more than 98% different from the general trade and processing trade, does not have two outstanding characteristics, relevant export enterprises are mainly for local enterprises, raw materials, mainly from China, so the general trade has a long industrial chain, drive and strong features, which mainly reflects the ability of domestic enterprises export level and changes in circumstances conducive to further optimize China's trade structure. Iron industry to control the number of low-end products, focusing on the development of mid-range of quality products, we need to change the traditional to the ultra-low price of exports large amounts of low-end products, while imports of high-end products at high prices situation.Some authorities predict that the second half of 2010 the market situation will be improved. Expects 2010 global consumption of construction chemicals will grow by 2% to 4%, but the specific growth rate will depend on the strength of the recovery in different parts of the construction market and building materials costs. This growth will boost exports in the doldrums and high export dependence of Chinese iron industries.

In addition, the expansion of domestic demand will be the main market of iron oxide consumption. From 2009 to start hot "Building the countryside" policy, although no detailed guidelines introduced, but the secondary and tertiary markets, especially the vast rural areas are in the pipeline and the rise in parts of rural housing reconstruction project for paints and building materials industry has brought more consumption of more orders. These orders require the amount of feedback to the supply and demand of iron oxide, which with paints, pigments closely related industries stimulating the development of domestic demand, which is a revitalization of domestic iron industry development opportunities. In addition, domestic demand and infrastructure projects driven market has become a new growth point of iron industries, such as transportation, bridges, municipal construction, public investment. Iron oxide in the main building materials, paints, rubber, plastics, petrochemicals and other industrial users catalyst proposed increase demand for products used to make domestic use grew by 15.89%, domestic consumption has become a driving iron oxide economic stability and highlights development. Zhi-Hua Lin said, especially driven by the green revitalization plan, the rise of new industries, such as wind power, logistics, information industry and other new demands brought about expanding the country in 2010 intends to devote more financial resources to improve livelihood and development of social undertakings, this can stimulate increased consumption of paints and building materials consumption. Then, as one of the iron oxide pigment industry will also be taking advantage of the sky, to flex its muscles.

Inorganic pigments research trends in recent years

According to Xiao Bian know: new directions in research and development in recent years, mainly inorganic pigments are: ① the development of composite pigments, such as light blue (CoO Cr2O3 Al2O3), Nickel titanium yellow (TiO2 NiO Sb2O3??) And so on. Nickel antimony titanate, adding chromium, cobalt, iron, and zinc oxide, can be made of yellow, green, blue, brown and other high temperature, durability, resistance to chemicals and low toxicity to non-toxic pigments, and bright color, excellent performance, high durability requirements can be used for building materials, paints, plastics coloring and preparation of painting pigments. Like nickel titanium yellow, titanium chrome yellow, cobalt blue, cobalt green, copper chrome black, etc. belong to the environmental composite inorganic pigments. ② Development pigment particle surface treatment technology, inorganic or organic compounds in the surface of the pigment particles to form a layer of color film, the surface properties of the pigment particles can be changed to improve the light, heat, wetting properties, expand the range of applications, improve the use value. ③ pigment manufacturing process, so that the user can directly apply, save a lot of grinding costs.

2010 of the pigment industry optimistic about the future development

It is understood that in 2010 1 to May, China's paint output reached 3.914 million tons, an increase of 25.1%. Which architectural coatings production 1.28 million tons, an increase of 40.5%. From this set of data is easy to see, the paint industry is the rapid development of high-speed, then the demand for the pigment will naturally growing, as a pigment titanium dioxide market, one of the branches of industry, the domestic growth rate is quite amazing, regardless 2009

1,046,600 tons of annual output, or 2010 is expected to yield, are sufficient to prove that the Chinese titanium dioxide industry has been on the right track. Compared with titanium dioxide, iron oxide industry development may rival, from 2007 to

2009 presents diminishing situation, but insiders said the main reason is China's iron industry is in a consolidation stage off, a lot of small private factories due to capacity and there is no standardization of sewage treatment facilities, for the environment

Protection and product quality have a greater impact, the industry consolidation, these small factories have been forced to close, resulting in a decline in iron production. But Xiaobian think, although in industry consolidation baptism, iron production

Industry temporary downward trend, but after consolidation, will have a number of more formalized and medium-sized businesses to succeed in these markets, then, the Chinese iron industry or will rapidly develop into a new stage.

Seen from the above, as a pigment in the two most important branches - the future development of titanium dioxide and iron oxides are optimistic, then inevitably it will bring the whole paint industry strides forward, resulting in a good development. 


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