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reach 12 million tons

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The next five years, steady and rapid development of the national economy, require production of paint products is still slightly higher than the growth rate of GDP growth. To meet the needs of all walks of life supporting, the paint industry's "Twelfth Five-Year" development ideas, the efforts to develop water-based paint as the representative of environment-friendly paint, increasing industrial coatings, specialty coatings varieties and increase the dosage, supporting the development of construction technology, establish and improve the paint and inorganic pigments cleaner production processes, energy conservation standards.  

"Coatings industry," second five "plan" that benefit from both industrial and residential demand pull, coatings production is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of 10%, to 2015 paint production is expected to reach 12 million tons. Production growth, industrial structure and product mix will also have a greater change. Focus and direction coatings industrial restructuring is to encourage environment-friendly and resource-saving paint (water-based wood, water industry, water-based marine coatings, high-solids, solvent-free, radiation-curable functional exterior insulation coatings, etc.) production ; encourage singlet annual capacity of 30,000 tons and above, titanium dioxide content of not less than 90% of the titanium-rich material (synthetic rutile, natural rutile, high titanium slag) chloride process titanium dioxide production of raw materials; limit new sulfuric acid process titanium dioxide, lead chrome yellow, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of iron oxide pigment, solvent-based paints (not including paint varieties and production processes to encourage class), containing isocyanurate triglycidyl powder coating plant.

Highlights include adjustment of product structure, accelerate the adoption of the modified water-based processes and viable pace of industrialization waterborne alkyd paint; change titanium dioxide sulfuric acid products currently account for more than 98 percent of the situation; iron oxide pigments to enhance deep-processing capacity (such as coated handle ), to meet international market demand; accelerate the development and application of compound phosphate, molybdate complex corrosion pigments, replace red lead and chromate.

Science and technology, technological innovation has made ​​the goal planning, developing high-performance coatings, specialty uses inorganic pigments; research sulfate process titanium dioxide integration of cleaner production technology, ammonia nitrogen oxide pigments biological wastewater treatment technology; development of national key projects such as large aircraft, large ships and high-speed rail with paint; industrial coating developed to achieve the required performance waterborne industrial coatings (water-based coatings, functional water-based anti-corrosion coatings) water-based resin, instead of imported water-based resin, and promote water-based industrial coatings promotion; want to waterborne anti-corrosion coating heavy-duty areas, large aircraft, ships and other big promotion; obtain significant results with independent intellectual property rights of national awards from 3 to 5; Chinese and foreign patents declared value above 100.

Green energy, in addition to the industry itself to improve energy efficiency and conservation and emission reduction levels outside the paint industry but also for other sectors of energy saving for the development of clean energy and renewable energy sources to contribute. Such as the development of reflective insulation for the building type insulation, durable special functional coatings; for the development of nuclear power, wind power, geothermal, solar, hydropower and other clean energy and renewable energy development and efficient anti-corrosion and specialty coatings; building smart grids and antifreeze rain transmission lines such as the development of special functional coatings. Paint industry proposed environmental objective is to comprehensively promote water-based coatings, high solids alkyd paint share increased 20%; fulfill international convention banning the production of chlorinated rubber and solvent use, including prohibiting the use of DDT, TBT and other antifouling paints; UV curing applications launched in waterborne coatings, powder coatings and automotive coatings in painting; promote the titanium dioxide, iron oxide pigments clean production evaluation index system technology, to promote a high-grade (greater than 80%) of titanium chloride process titanium dioxide feedstock production process ; unit comprehensive energy consumption decreased by 20%.

Standards, the paint industry will establish and improve environmental standards, energy standards, admission standards, product standards, looking through the standard planning guide, targeted and operability, promote structural adjustment and industrial upgrading industry, to promote enterprise advances in technology, to ensure product safety and environmental protection.

To achieve the objectives and tasks set forth above, the plan proposes a series of security measures, such as increase research and development of new products and technologies; further improve the standard system, gradually raise the standard level; optimize the coatings industry, the industrial structure, enhance national enterprises and competitiveness of the brand; establish a sound coating product market access system, to promote the healthy development of the coatings industry pollution of direction. Meanwhile, the plan also proposed to play a role in all aspects of industry organizations market access, amend standards, information construction and corporate and government communication, etc.; strengthen technical cooperation on downstream units coatings, establish linkage mechanism; improve paint production and testing equipment level; improve the level of construction applied coatings; strengthen the paint industry information construction and other recommendations. 

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